Given that the objectives of phase 3 of reactivation of economic activity have been satisfactorily achieved, the Government has approved the new Decree 27-05-2020, which repeals the previous Decree 13-05-2020, and adds to the activities authorized to open in phase 3, new economic activities that may open from June 1, 2020.

Decree 27-05-2020 details in Annex 2, all activities open from June 1, both those previously opened and those that will do so from June 1. The activities that remain closed are listed in Appendix 1.

The Decree establishes and regulates different measures, among others:

  • All economic activities authorized to resume commercial activity must have an occupational risk prevention protocol relating to health measures, in accordance with Law 34/2008, of 18 December, on safety and health at work.

  • Professional firms must respect the interpersonal distance of one and a half meters, through the capacity of the establishment. And if this is not possible, it is necessary to promote work in shifts or non-contact routes.

  • The start of the administrative activities of federations, clubs and other non-profit entities is authorized.

  • Reopening funeral homes, and regulating the measures to be applied to funeral homes, funerals and burials.

  • The summer 2020 sales discount schedule is set, from June 1 to September 13.

The Decree of 27-05-2020, enters into force on June 1, 2020.

The content of this document has been drafted in strict accordance with the regulations in force on the day of its issuance. Any new regulation subject to publication in the BOPA, which modifies or expands its content, will entail the publication of a new news item that incorporates these new features.

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