The Decree of 27-5-2020 amends the Decree of 13-5-2020 approving the Regulation governing occasional financial aid for owners of commercial premises and housing that have experienced a substantial reduction in the income of the family unit.

The new Decree of 27-05-2020, repeals the previous Decree of 13-5-2020, expands the limit on rental income and clarifies the calculation of the amount.

The purpose of the Regulation is to regulate the requirements to be met by the beneficiaries, the application procedure and the amount and duration of the occasional financial aid intended for the owners of commercial premises and housing that have experienced a substantial reduction of family unit income due to the health emergency situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

The Decree regulates the procedure for applying for the aid, the documents that must be attached and its processing and resolution. The official application forms and attached documents are available on the Government Procedures Service website In order to avoid any type of contagion, the application and the attached documents can be submitted from the date of entry into force of the Decree electronically to the Government Procedures Service.

With regard to the amount and duration of the financial aid, the decree regulates the amount according to the LECS (Economic Threshold of Social Cohesion) of the applicant and limits the duration of the financial aid from the 14th of March 2020 and as long as the requirements to be met and the reduction in the rent for business premises and rental housing regulated in Law 3/2020 and Law 5/2020 is in force.

The content of this document has been drafted in strict accordance with the regulations in force on the day of its issuance. Any new regulation subject to publication in the BOPA, which modifies or expands its content, will entail the publication of a new news item that incorporates these new features.

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