The Decree of 05-27-2020 on the development of measures in labour matters and measures in matters of social security of Law 5/2020 published in the BOPA of May 29, 2020, entered into force the day of its publication, for normatively deploy the provisions of Law 5/2020 in these matters.

The Decree 27-05-2020 facilitates and clarifies the application of the legal provisions that Law 5/2020 regulated in labour and social security matters in order to guarantee the continuity of employments and income both for salaried persons as well as persons who carry out an activity on their own account.

Thus, the Decree details the procedures created for these purposes by Law 5/2020 and at the same time complements the drafting of some articles in order to resolve interpretation doubts, and expands and improves some measures.

In this sense, the Decree develops mainly aspects related to the compensation of hours not worked, the temporary suspensions of work contracts and the reduction of the working day, the processing of the application to the CASS for benefits to people who perform a self-employment and the procedure for payment.

The content of this document has been drawn up strictly taking into account the regulations in force on the day of issue. Any regulatory novelty that is published in the BOPA, that modifies or expands its content, will entail the publication of a new news item that incorporates said novelties.

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