The Decree of 22-4-2020 regulating the sale of products, goods and services, at a distance or through electronic commerce, during the health emergency situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, contains measures that they allow all merchants to sell their products, goods and services remotely or through e-commerce.

1- Scope of application

All shops in Andorra that on March 22, 2020, were authorized for retail sale, can sell at a distance or through e-commerce, in Andorra or abroad.

Andorran businesses that, on March 22, 2020, were authorized to sell motor vehicles, can sell remotely or through e-commerce.

The following economic activities can provide services remotely or through e-commerce:

(I) Continuing education and other teaching activities.

(II) Advertising.

(III) Other sports related activities.

(IV) Restaurants and Fast Food Services. (If they do not have authorization for this distance selling activity or by e-mail, they must request it from the Ministry of Health).

(V) Provision of services such as legal activities, accounting, auditing, tax advice, management of holding companies, market research, management consulting and business management.

(VI) Configuration advice and computer consultancy.

(VII) Supply of computer programs.

(VIII) Data processing.

(IX) Database activities.

The economic activities mentioned in the preceding points (I) to (IX), which exceptionally carry out services via the Internet or at a distance, and which are closed activities, are considered to be activities under guard and permanence for the purposes of the Law 3/2020 and the rules that develop it, as long as they go on to provide the service. These activities that wish to start the provision of their services in accordance with this Decree, must be notified to the Department of Trade, Competition and Consumption.

If they do not start their activity, the consideration provided for in Decree 17-3-2020 by which additional exceptional measures are adopted for the health emergency situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus will be maintained.

Supermarkets, department stores and retail hardware stores can sell masks and gloves.

Medicines subject to medical prescription may not be sold remotely or by e-mail.

Pharmacies may not advertise, offer incentives, or promote sales.

Sales can be made in Andorra or abroad, except for restaurants and fast food services, which are only allowed nationally.

Related businesses, exceptionally authorized to carry out distance or e-mail sales, are required to comply with the other regulations applicable to them for their activity.

2- Exceptionally, and during the duration of the emergency situation caused by Covid-19, shops do not require authorization for the activity of “Retail trade by mail order and Internet”.

3- Right to information by the consumer

The company must be properly identified.

The company must guarantee information on promotion, advertising, conditions of sale, compensation, compensation and claim systems.

The company must provide sufficient and accurate information about the characteristics of the product, delivery and transportation costs, and the full price including taxes and duties.

The company must inform the modality of payment.

The company must inform of the modalities and terms of delivery of the purchased product.

The company must inform of the period during which the replacement of the product can be requested or exercise the right of withdrawal.

The company must inform on expenses, if any.

The company must indicate the duration of the product warranty and the means of claim.

In the event of an abuse situation, the consumer may lodge a complaint with the relevant administrative body.

4- Home delivery

Establishments that sell products and goods at retail, remotely or by e-mail and restaurants and fast food services are required to deliver the products to the home of consumers.

Mode of delivery: by the merchant’s own means or through an authorized transport company.

Special collection: restaurants and fast food services with a collection system with the vehicle of the customers, without getting off and without the staff of the establishment having to leave, can use this product delivery system.

5- Sanitary measures to be respected

The activity must be rearranged by implementing the following measures: encourage non-contact activities, in face-to-face activities of order registration, preparation and collection of orders respect the distance of 2 meters between people and avoid split schedules and promote continuous working hours.

Workers must respect the protection measures according to their workplace and the risks that this entails so that: (i) they take orders after disinfection of office furniture that is in contact with hands and face and more if it is shared material, (ii) prepare orders by disinfecting hands between order and order, and (iii) distribute orders by disinfecting hands between delivery and delivery.

Properly signpost workspaces.

Guarantee safety and protection conditions.

Establish a cleaning and disinfection plan, using the indicated cleaning and disinfectants.

Adopt special measures for workers affected by Covid-19, for vulnerable or at-risk workers.

Workers must follow the prevention and hygiene recommendations given to them by the company.

Cleaning and disinfection must be frequent in all areas of the establishment, identifying areas of action and objects to be disinfected to which special attention must be paid.

It is recommended to have a reserved space to be able to move a worker who is highly suspected of being infected. You should call 116 immediately.

6.- Application in time:

The application of the Decree is limited in time, from March 22, 2020 and for the duration of the extraordinary measures to close the establishments due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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