The Law 6/2020, of May 13, amending Law 11/2017, of May 25, of the notary, has entered into force on May 28, 2020.

The objective of the Law 6/2020 is to solve the situation in which the notary public service found itself due to the closure of one of the notaries in Andorra and the lack of notaries to cover the needs of the country.

Thus, the two main changes that the Law regulates are those related to the regulation of the custody of the protocol in case of cessation of a notary, and in case of suppression of a notary’s office.

In the first case, the protocol remains in the custody of the succeeding notary, and while he does not take office, the Chamber of Notaries appoints one of the current notaries to take provisional office, and, in the second case, the protocol is intended to the General Protocol Archive.

The Law establishes for each case the causes and the procedure.

In order to solve the need to increase the number of notaries, the Law has managed to reduce as far as possible the minimum duration of the process of appointing new notaries, so that it has modified the requirement for prior training, which now becomes, at most, 6 months.

The content of this document has been drawn up strictly taking into account the regulations in force on the day of issue. Any regulatory novelty that is published in the BOPA, that modifies or expands its content, will entail the publication of a new news item that incorporates said novelties.

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