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1a planta, Desp. 111 i 112
AD500 Andorra la Vella
Principat d’Andorra
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Our specialists in corporate law advise their clients, being businesses, companies and enterprises located in Andorra as well as abroad. We accompany our clients’ business in all the stages of a company lifecycle: company formation, statutory changes, celebration of ordinary and extraordinary general shareholder meetings, corporate restructuring, merger, acquisition, dissolution, liquidation, termination, etc.

We advise companies and enterprises regarding compliance with its legal, accounting and registration obligations. We assist or eventually assume the position of the Secretary of the Board. We write General Meeting and Board of Directors minutes and certificates. We ensure the maintenance and custody of the social books and carry out the registration steps in the Andorran Companies Register.

We support our domestic and international clients in any investment project, whether through the purchase or acquisition of Andorran company shares. We advise our clients on the establishment of rights and obligations of shares, such as constitutions of usufruct, option rights, promises, pledges, etc. We assist our clients in respect of any application for administrative approval of foreign investment.

We assist partners of Andorran companies in exercising their rights and fulfilling their obligations. We negotiate and we write external shareholders agreements and associate covenants. We advise and assist our clients regarding increases and decreases in share capital, the invitation and celebration of general meetings, and we develop strategies based on the intended purpose.