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Principat d’Andorra
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The multilingual team of lawyers of the department of finance and banking at RAMÉNTOL PUJOL offers its clients services on all legal and regulatory aspects of the sector, both for Andorra as well as on an international level through its network of correspondents working in other jurisdictions.

We have an experienced team of lawyers, who has managed to establish a highly recognized reputation in the Principality of Andorra in the field of finance and banking. Our expertise and skills allow us to advise banks, insurance and any other organization or institution with regulated finances, such Andorran and international suppliers of services.

Thanks to our experience in financial and banking law, we achieve the goals that our clients submit to us with diligence, efficiency and in a factual manner. We assist our clients in an industry characterized by high legislative complexity and constant evolution. We provide legal solutions that bring together our clients’ requirements (enforceability, strength and tax efficiency) with the evolving practices of national and international operators.

We have the most competent specialists in Andorra for matters concerning financial and banking regulation, corporate finance and acquisitions, real estate financing and all types of banking and financial contracts. We write reports and legal opinions requested by our clients for private use or to be submitted to courts and financial supervision authorities in Andorra as well as in other jurisdictions.

Financial and banking regulations

Our lawyers, experts in the field and with multilingual skills, advise national and international banking or financial institutions in all aspects of financial regulation and banking in Andorra.


Banking and financial contracts

Our team of specialists is known for its expertise in dealing with banking and financial contracts, both domestic and international. We advise our clients on all cross-border transactions and assist them when interacting with international banks and financial institutions, which plan to operate with institutions regulated in Andorra.


Corporate finance and acquisitions

We advise our clients established in Andorra and abroad on all types of financing transactions and acquisitions. Our expertise allows us to intervene in the negotiation and conception of operations for bilateral and syndicated financing.


Real Estate Financing

We have a long experience in real estate financing in Andorra. We advise our clients in the negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts, real estate financing contracts (bilateral, structural, syndicated) with personal and mortgaged guaranteesreal security.