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Principat d'Andorra
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Our lawyers have extensive experience of over 50 years in matters concerning civil and commercial procedures.

We are experts on issues of preventive seizure, claim for payment, claim for damage, interpretation and execution of all kinds of contracts, such as ownership, leases, defence of property rights, real and possessory rights, easements, estates and inheritances, real and personal guarantees.

We intervene in all types of preliminary issues as well as peremptory and dilatory exceptions (prescription, active or passive lack of interest, lack of jurisdiction, suspension of civil proceedings as the criminal law has precedence over the civil law, lis pendens, etc.).

We are experts in all types of litigation in the field of corporate law, such as the invalidity of decisions in general shareholders’ meetings, in conflict cases between shareholders, in the execution of warranty agreements, the distribution of responsibility of management organs, etc.

We assist our business clients in auction procedures, set out in the Decree of October 4th, 1969, regarding suspension of payment and bankruptcy.

We represent our clients in the execution of judgments of the Andorran courts.

We operate in the application procedures for the admission of foreign judgments (exequatur) in Andorra.

Through our network of correspondents, we are able to monitor the execution of judgments outside of Andorra.

We write memorandums and represent our clients by personally appearing before the Single Judge Court, the  “Batlles” Court, and before the Civil Chamber of the High Court of Justice.
We prepare opinions and probates. We dispose over a network of international correspondents to prepare notes on all questions concerning private international law.

Our expertise enables us to advise financial institutions on issues related to the defence of their receivables, their guarantees, when confronted with insolvent debtors, and in the participation of recovery proceedings.

We provide all kinds of legal advice and opinions on the legislation regarding the Decree on legal arrangement procedures and bankruptcy, in place since October 4th 1969, as well as the jurisprudence and doctrine applicable in Andorra in this respect.

We issue legal opinions to be presented before national and international courts and administrative authorities.