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RAMÉNTOL PUJOL has extensive experience and expertise in the field of urban planning in Andorra. The firm has developed an in depth know-how on all matters relating to the general law of territorial planning and development dated December 29th, 2000, as well as its subsequent amendments and the regulations of its application.

We are involved in all stages of urban planning. We design, negotiate and draft subdivision plans, planning reports and development agreements. Furthermore, we intervene in procedures aiming at obtaining a building permission.

We write the articles and memorandum of association, promoting urban development. We assist our clients in all steps until the signing of the public deed.

We treat our clients’ applications for obtaining any detailed written information about the urban situation of any plot of land from the general or communal administration.

We advise and participate in the process of drafting subdivision plans, in the reparceling of land, providing the justification and the relevant documents in order to enable the approval and subsequent execution of the subdivision plan.

We operate in the defense of our clients when their land is affected by a special plan, implemented by the local administration.

We assist our clients in having their urban rights granted, in terms of ensuring their building to plot ratio cannot be modified by subsequent local development plans.

We assure the supervision of our clients’ cases and take charge of dealing with any type of administrative appeal in the field of urban planning, such as revision appeals presented in front of local authorities and hierarchical appeals before the Technical Planning Commission (CTU).

We assist our clients in all stages of the administrative procedure before the Andorran administrative courts in charge of urban planning (allegations, proposition of evidences, preparing conclusions, appeals).

Instruments of zoning and implementation in urban planning

We work in issues related to instruments of zoning and implementation in urban planning.

We are experts in all stages of zoning. We design, negotiate and draft subdivision plans, urbanistic reports and development agreements. We intervene in procedures aiming at obtaining a building permission.


Subdivision plans

We are involved in the design, negotiation and drafting of site plans. We advise our clients in the development of urban settings, in the redistribution of land, in subdivision agreements and in dealing with the articles associated with urban development.


Legal opinions and reports in urban planning

We establish legal reports and opinions in the field of urban planning.



We assist our clients during the public information period of the expropriation proceedings and in all its steps (estimate of the value of the expropriated property, notification of charges and easements and other rights of the expropriated property, requests for enforcement of the expropriation, etc.).


Administrative procedures and litigation planning

Our expertise and experience allow us to assist our clients, international as well as Andorran companies or groups of companies, in any proceedings for or against the Administration (including the hierarchical appeal to the Technical Planning Commission).