Consultants at RAMÉNTOL PUJOL have a long experience, of over 50 years, in the juridical questions concerning family businesses. We advise Andorran as well as international family companies, businesses or groups of companies.

The family business has a great economic and social importance in countries, which are based on a market economy and an entrepreneurial freedom. This is also the case in Andorra, where the family business represents an entrepreneurial culture specific to the Principality in which family members are founders and majority owners and are interested and involved in its management and daily administration. The Andorran family business has continued to evolve and has many examples of successful functioning. It is known for a careful planning of its management and succession, through specific legal instruments on a civil,commercial and tax level.

Our lawyers advise their clients in all legal matters applying to the development of family businesses, such as:

Commercial and corporate law:

We advise our clients on the structure, organization and succession of their family heritage. We negotiate and draft family protocols for family businesses, companies or groups of companies.

We advise our clients in choosing the best tools to organize their family business and develop strategies, taking into account the objectives that have been submitted to us.

We advise our clients in monitoring their business heritage.

We support in all life cycle stages of the company: incorporation, modifications of the statues, celebrations of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings, corporate restructuring, mergers, separations, dissolutions, liquidations, company extinctions, etc.

We amend articles of incorporation and prepare the shareholders agreement, based on the family objectives of our clients.


We advise our clients on the inheritance law in Andorra as well as in other jurisdictions, thanks to the collaboration with respective experts in the field.

We write wills and codicils. We advise our clients in the use of other instruments such as donations, matrimonial property regimes, life insurances and foundations.

We assist our clients on all questions related to the acceptance of inheritance as well as in preparing the heirs’ declaration in case of intestate succession.

We advise and eventually intervene in the execution of wills.

Real estate and urban planning:

We advise and assist our clients in the creation and monitoring of inherited companies, to preserve and strengthen the family real estate.

We give specific advice on the management of the family real estate. We draft and negotiate lease, management, sales, purchase and sale contracts, etc.

We establish legal relations on urban implications relating to the family real estate.


We advise companies, businesses and groups of family companies on the Andorran as well as international taxation, thanks to our teams of lawyers.

We assist our clients in maintaining and protecting the property underlying their businesses through optimized and well-anticipated tax planning.

Concerning questions posed by our clients on corporate taxation, we provide quick, proactive and pragmatic solutions.

Financial and banking:

We assist our clients in all legal implications that result from financing, preserving and managing the heritage, the business or group of family companies and investments.

We cover the needs of our clients in all phases and aspects of their financing projects together with financial institutions: preparing and negotiating letters of intent and confidentiality agreements, refinancing contracts, contracts, clauses of real and personal guarantees, etc.

We are involved in the financing of complex and innovative family projects, providing our clients with practical solutions tailored to their needs and optimized in terms of their tax implications.


We advise our clients on the implications of labour law resulting from the family business’ activity.


We advise our clients on obtaining the necessary administrative authorizations for the development of their family business.

We perform due diligence reports to ensure that the leased or acquired property is in compliance with the intended purpose, and especially for obtaining the necessary administrative authorizations to start the foreseen business activity.

Litigation and arbitration:

We advise our clients in legal cases of litigation and arbitration.

Our expertise in family litigations concerning inheritance, tax, real estate, labour and criminal law, allows us to defend our clients in conflict situations that may result from the activities of their family business.