RAMÉNTOL PUJOL has a team of experienced lawyers, working for over 50 years in the Andorran real estate and construction sector. We advise businesses, companies and groups of companies in this key sector regarding the development of the Andorran economy in recent decades.

We advise operators as well as construction and real estate institutions in this sector.

Our multidisciplinary and multilingual consultants, with a particular knowhow in the real estate and construction sector, offer their services to our clients in the following branches of the law:

Commercial and corporate:

Our real estate lawyers consult in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for the sale and rental of land, commercial buildings, apartments, villas, as well as contracts for the sale of shares of companies whose assets primarily consist of real estate located in Andorra.

We give specific advice on the rental and purchase of estate property foreseen for the exertion of a business activity. We support the contractor in strengthening, protecting and optimizing his investment or acquisition of a business.

We assist our clients, domestic and international developers, in the process of real estate development. We negotiate with developers and other involved stakeholders by drafting works contracts, negotiate with architects and construction managers and develop contractual clauses which defend our clientsinterest in the execution of the real estate project.

We take responsibility in negotiating and preparing contracts for the marketing of property with real estate agents (mandate, exclusivity, etc.). We propose solutions to the financial goals of the client.

Our team of specialists in corporate law, advises clients in real estate and construction, them being companies, corporations and group of companies, located in Andorra and abroad in all aspects of corporate law.

Urban planning:

Our lawyers are experts in urban planning, advising clients in this sector in all matters relating to urban planning and implementation that affect the envisioned real estate project.

We establish legal reports on urban implications for the real estate project that the client wishes to develop, according to general and local rules



We assist our real estate clients on tax issues related to real estate transactions and construction completed in Andorra, by using Andorran trade companies, permanent establishments and temporary union of companies (UTE).



We provide advice on direct and indirect taxes, which affect to our clients in this sector.


Financial and banking:


We advise our clients in the negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts on real estate financing projects in Andorra as well as abroad (bilateral, structured, syndicated), with personal and real guarantees.


We operate in complex and innovative real estate transactions, giving our real estate clients practical solutions, tailored to their needs, and optimized in terms of their tax implications.


We advise our clients in the financing of acquisition of all types of real estate in Andorra (commercial premises, offices, hotels, buildings, apartments, etc.).


Our expertise enables us to advise banking and financial institutions, developers or other stakeholders on operations concerning the development, construction and management of real estate.


We propose structured transactions through mortgaged guarantees on real estate (shopping centres, offices, hotels, etc.).




We advise our clients in real estate and construction on all labour issues that arise out of their entrepreneurial activity.




We advise our clients in real estate and construction on obtaining the administrative authorizations required to develop their entrepreneurial activity.


We undertake due diligences to ensure the compliance of the planned construction activity, in order to obtain the administrative authorizations.


Litigation and arbitration:


We advise and intervene in the defence of our clients’ interests operating in this sector, in all types of litigation and arbitration, which would affect their assets and real estate investments.


Our expertise in commercial, tax, real estate, labour and criminal litigation provides us the knowhow to defend our clients in this sector in conflict situations that may derive from their entrepreneurial activity.