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RAMÉNTOL PUJOL is a law firm based in Andorra, composed of a specialized team of lawyers and economists. The firm is located in the Principality of Andorra and has been formed by the union of several law firms, initially created by Mr. Salvador RAMÉNTOL FABREGAS (in office since 1962) and by Mr. Joan PUJOL SERRES (in office since 1973), respectively.

Mr. Salvador RAMÉNTOL FABREGAS is the oldest practicing lawyer listed at the Andorran Lawyers Bar and Mr. Joan PUJOL SERRES is the only lawyer of French nationality who has ever exercised in the Principality.

The team at RAMÉNTOL PUJOL consists of lawyers and economists, specialized in all areas of law and throughout the most important sectors of the Andorran economy. 50 years of practice has endowed us with profound experience and knowledge on operating in the Principality of Andorra.